Nooshin, Savile Row Ladies Tailor

Nooshin, Savile Row Ladies Tailor

Unless you have spent 2012 completely sheltered from the media and society at large, you will be aware that there has never been a better time to be a woman in business.

Women's business networks are bursting at the seams with female entrepreneurs fearlessly starting and growing British businesses at a time when the financial climate might have suggested otherwise. The government is endorsing the drive to get more women into boardrooms, and as British women slide gracefully into their most empowered roles ever, 29 year old Nooshin, the Savile Row designer, herself the epitome of effortless style and beauty, is dressing them for female take-over.

Tailoring heritage

Having begun her career as an apprentice for a London couturier, in the space of just five years Nooshin has cemented her place as one of the male dominated Savile Row's most sought after designers. Nooshin's inspiration would come from her Iranian grandmother who ran two dressmaking shops that catered to a well-heeled clientele, even dressing the Shah (King) of Iran's family on occasion. Today Nooshin's own clients range from city bankers to barristers and CEOs, or the woman who wants to invest in a one-off statement investment dress or suit, tailored to perfection in sublime fabric. 

"Working with the most incredible women, women at the top of the game, is a huge perk of my role. They come to me because they recognize that the way they dress for work and the image they portray needs to reflect their ambition and their senior position amongst their peers. Many of these women are also passionate about increasing the profile of women within their respective professions. Their mission isn’t a selfish one, it’s about breaking through windows and inviting the female talent behind them to stand on their shoulders. A beautiful suit or flattering but corporate dress screams success and will instil confidence in its wearer.  It’s wonderful to be a part of this exciting social shift towards more equality in business in some way," said Nooshin.

Design philosophy

Nooshin's garments are made from the finest wools produced by Savile Row cloth merchant Holland and Sherry, and the belief that dressing for success at work should not have to mean sacrificing your femininity, is a central design principle within the collection. Each piece is classic and feminine in style without being overly showy. The aim is to provide elegant investment pieces that never date. Women dressed by Nooshin emanate self-confidence and class.

Meticulous thought has gone into every detail of every garment. Carefully positioned waistbands, clean, feminine cuts and flattering necklines are delicately balanced to create a work dress or suit that compliments a woman’s natural shape.

From bespoke beginnings to Ready to Wear

Nooshin offers a full tailoring service from fully bespoke to made-to-measure and now Nooshin is delighted to offer her Ready to Wear range for women looking for professional dresses and suits which reflect their ambition.

"Ultimately our collection empowers the women I dress with the confidence to be her best. Perception is everything and my collection creates a self-fulfilling recipe for success. I know this because my clients return to me time after time as they progress within their careers. We all know that the more women in senior positions, the smoother things will run, and if I can help in some small way to make that a reality, then that’s my job done."